Xinorbis 7.0 beta 2b available!

The latest Xinorbis beta is now available.

Get it here!

Please send me your comments, bugs, suggestions and feedback!

[Update: a big bug has been found, so I’m pulling Xinorbis beta 2 until it’s fixed :)]

[Update to the update: I think I’ve fixed the big bug (mentioned above), and we now have a much nicer icon, thanks Sören!]

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Xinorbis beta 2 nearly ready!

The major bug has been fixed🙂 Took some effort, but it was worth it.

There’s not much to do before release, but I want to have another quick look through the entire application and make sure there is nothing that needs urgent attention.

Hopefully release it tomorrow (the 5th).


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Xinorbis 7 beta 2… still coming soon :(

It was my plan to release beta 2 today. This post should be about how the new beta is available, and that it’s super amazing.

After a week of bug fixing and general code-tidying, I have been unable to properly confirm that a couple of major bugs have been fixed. I haven’t been able to replicate either issue today, but that doesn’t mean I can be sure it’s not there.

One of the main upgrades to Xinorbis 7 has been a major rewrite of the scan/analyse engine. Performance has been improved by moving much more of the analysis to a separate, parallel, thread running while the scan is taking place.

This has improved scan times, but it has also made things a little more complicated. I’m seeing a few very strange things happen, and don’t want to release it in this state.

Though I’m sure the second of the two bugs is actually a side-effect of debugging within the IDE, that really makes one major bug, and one possible bug (I hope).

I’m going to work on Xinorbis over the weekend, with a view to releasing beta 2 on Sunday.


Update: Since writing this a couple of hours ago I have been able to replicate the major bug on many occasions. I’ve tried a few things to fix it (one of them made it much worse), but to no avail. Hopefully have a fix soon…

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Xinorbis beta 2 (coming soon)


I hope you’re all enjoying the Xinorbis beta. Please send me bug reports and suggestions (I’ve had none so far).

I’m working on beta 2, which I hope to be ready in a week (at most).

Beta 2 will feature a lot of GUI improvements, bug fixes and general tweaks.

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Beta and other news

The first beta version of Xinorbis 7.0 is now available here:

THIS IS A BETA VERSION! It may have some serious bugs, so please back-up all of your previous Xinorbis files, and anything on your PC you don’t want to lose. If you’re not willing to take the risk, then please do not install!

Please let me know if you find a bug!


I’ve always been pretty amazed at the popularity of Xinorbis (even though I get very little feedback – hint, hint), but there are a lot of things I’d like to change if I had more time to spend on development (and the resources to hire others to improve things I can’t):

  1. Unicode support
  2. Improved manual
  3. Improved in-app help
  4. GUI
  5. Nicer graphs
  6. Enterprise features (and settings, particularly database connectivity)
  7. Better language support
  8. + much more

So, I had a great idea… what about a Xinorbis Kickstarter campaign?

It would hopefully give me the ability to give Xinorbis a much more professional feel.

I haven’t really thought much about the goals, rewards, and support tiers, but I think it would be a great way to gauge interest, and improve the application beyond what is possible at the current moment.

What do you think?

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Xinorbis 7.0 update #2

Development is going nicely. File History and folder scanning are now optimised, and multi-threaded, with just report import (that rhymes) to do.

Aesthetically nothing has changed. That will come once the big code changes have been finished (or nearly finished).

I’ll be making a beta version available at the end of next week if anyone fancies having a look🙂

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Xinorbis 7.0 update update #1

Just a quick update on 7.0.

I’ve moved the analysis code to a separate thread and there’s a nice performance boost already. I haven’t finished optimising the code yet, so there’s hopefully more boosting to come.

I still have a lot to do with the scan/analysis code. While I’ve improved the folder scanning code it’s meant that Folder History (and of course report import) is broken – I now have to rewrite the Folder History code to use the thread analysis bits. It’s for this reason that I won’t be releasing a beta version just yet as there’s just too much “broken wiring”. I’d like to get it done by the end of the year, but I think that’s unlikely.

I’ve started on some GUI improvements, minor ones at the moment. Bigger ones next year.

Finally, I’ve made a good start on tidying and unifying as much code as I can.

Still a long way to go, but things are moving nicely.

Merry Christmas🙂

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